Bias FX 2 - locked presets - including my own from FX1

  • Just noticed that I have a lot of 'locked' presets in FX2 - not just the stanard ones, but an acoustic preset that I created in FX1 is now showing as 'locked' in my FX2. Any suggestions? My licence is showing as 'Standard' in the app.


  • Did you try restore purchase? If IOS click on the shopping cart at the top, click on the tabs and hit anything that says restore purchase. Then log out and back into the tone cloud. Took a day after I dd that for mine t show up.


  • @bgucrossroads It's windows desktop not iOS....

  • I have this problem as well. I routinely wake up a day after using this and find presets that I've made have been locked out on the desktop version.
    It's really obnoxious and I want to know why this keeps happening. I'd understand if it was content that was locked behind a higher tier license. But I literally just changed a cab on a preset this morning, restarted the app, and now that preset is locked out even though my license includes everything in it, including the cab.
    What gives?

  • I see this on FX2 on the Mac (Standard), often when I edit presets I've downloaded from the cloud. The result only shows up as locked after I quit and restart the app. What's worse is that once a preset gets into this state, I can't even delete it - locked presets don't show the "edit" and "delete" buttons when you hover over them. Clearly a nasty bug or two here.

  • You can try the usual relogin to tonecloud, restore purchases, etc.

    I had some problems with this on early versions not showing the Celestion packs I had bought but that seems to be solved long ago.

    Definitely enter a ticket if you have issues with stuff you paid for, they should get you fixed up:

  • I believe my issue was caused by using Google Drive backup and sync on the BIAS FX2 folder.. if I pause google drive backup and sync when using BIAS FX2 then all is good - hope this helps