New to Recording, can I get this sound?

  • Hi all!

    I am a beginner-intermediate guitar player who just upgraded his equipment recently (so forgive the ignorance if some of my questions seem dumb). I purchased a new 15w tube amp and a 1x12 speaker cab. I used to use a very small practice amp and never liked the tone I got out of it. I had been searching for a specific tone and I was told that with a tube amp and a pedal or two I could achieve it. Unfortunately, I still wasn't able to. I always wanted a tone similar to what I heard on the Van Halen balance album.

    Finally I stumbled across a song cover that had the exact sound I want. When I looked at the gear description I was surprised to see that it was all digital (which included bias fx2). I posted a link to the cover below.

    So I supposed my question is simply, is BIAS FX 2 pretty much all I'd need to produce this tone style? If so, would a beginner be able to dial in close to this? I'm not sure how advanced the setup is for the software, but if anyone has any guesses on ballpark settings for what this may be that'd be great.

    I know I also need the line 6 ux1 (or similar) as well so I can pick that up. But before I make the move to spend the $500.00 I wanted to get some opinions first on whether or not I'd be able to achieve that tone.

    VH Cover Song, solo at 2:30

    Thank you very much for any advice/help you can give!