BIAS and multitracking....

  • Just started using an iPad Pro, always a Windows user. I’m having trouble understanding some stuff.

    I generally use at least three guitars in a project - two rhythms panned and a lead. Sometimes clean on another track. As far as I understand, you CANNOT use certain apps more than once in your DAW (Auria Pro for me).

    Apparently, there is a new format called AU (audio units) that breaks this limitation. Unfortunately, the only guitar app I’ve seen that does this is Overloud, which I did buy.

    I’m going to purchase BIAS tonight and, if what I understand is true, I’ll just use Bias as my “one instance” for leads and use Overloud for panned rhythms. I’d obviously rather use Bias for everything, though.

    Can someone explain this all to me?

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    you can pan L and R your main guitar signal in Bias Fx using the "dual signal path" function. You can even add some delay on one or both stereo channels.
    When you're watching for a Rhythm or a lead sound just switch thru the patches or toggle on/off some pedals and you're this way you can do everything in one instance of Bias Fx.

    If, instead, in you DAW you need 3 separated tracks for recording and editing and you want to use 3 instances of Bias FX I don't know if with another DAW (maybe CUBASIS) you could achieve this...I think there is some iOS limitation on opening more than one instance per App

    hope this helps

  • Hi Jimmy,

    I have the same setup: iPad Pro with Auria Pro. You're correct about being able to use multiple instances of Audio Units (AUs), while being limited to one instance of an Inter-App Audio app. Unfortunately, BIAS AMP and BIAS FX are Inter-App Audio only (right now, at least). What I do to get around this limitation in Auria Pro is lay down one track with BIAS, then use the Mixdown function to create an audio track of that recording on a separate track. Lather, rinse, repeat. Now I've got three separate tracks I can pan and process independently.

    Let me know if any of this doesn't make sense, and I'll elaborate. Working within iOS is great in a lot of ways, but it does have its limitations. However, it gets better every day.

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    AU could really be something wonderful for our iGuitar stuff, not holding my breath, but just how much crappier is AU on iOS vs desktop? A lot of good plugs are done in desktop AU