8 Years Since JamUp and JamUp Pro with no Android In Sight!!!! Not acceptable.

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    Guys it has been 2 more years since this question was raised in 2017. I have left iphone and the only thing that is keeping me using my old ipad is the BIAS and Jam-Up and BIAS FX. It is really high time that Positive Grid addresses or works on this issue or they will start to eventually to lose a lot of EASY market share that was begging them for attention. What annoys me is that apple never even showcases Positive Grid which is highly deserved and make apple products more appealing. I have a Yamaha THR10 which even fans created an App on the PlayStore so that my Android phone can control and reprogram it. Come Positive Grid, please don't be silent on this matter. If Android Soft/Hardware has an issue please report it and fix it with them. The only way I can understand this is if they can show me technical deficiency or the Apple is paying positive Grid for exclusivity. My androids use USB-C which is super fast. So help us out here and give us a real update as it has been over 8 years (2011) at least since the launch of JamUp and JamUp Pro. Positive, this is a very important issue to your followers so please keep following up and update us. Love you guys!

  • @bloozman66 the issue I see is that Android audio is inconsistently implemented between hardware manufacturers. That is why there is not a lot of DAW/Audio apps for android compared to iOS.

  • @paul-jones32 perhaps back in the days. I can tell from my experience that any (!) half decent current model works pretty well with iRig UA and a lot of apps out there (tested with Huaweis, Xiaomis, Sonys, Samsungs) I can also tell that USB MIDI support is BY FAR more evolved on Android than it is on iOS.

  • @kgrosser you could be right. I just look at the inconsistency of implementing system wide audio Eq as evidence of the lack of uniform standards. I was shocked that my moto z3 does not have EQ at all. It has to be baked into the app. My S4 had a nice dedicated audio preferences utility that acted system wide.

  • @paul-jones32 I totally agree on those inconsistencies Android suffers from. Just, they are part how Google makes their OS available. If any, they alone could change it. However, this only little affects what theoretically can be done nowadays with the standarized I/Os and audio and USB MIDI definitely are part of that.

    Anyways, latency of the ADDA chain has been tested absolutely sufficient on many models here with our company (footed in the professional film industry we use the headphone interface for timecode) and better than it was on iOS when PG released their first mobile apps. Similar goes for DSP power. I remember well the unstable and stuttering experience when I started off with BIAS on my original iPad Mini. So following the argumentation BIAS for iOS should not have been released before iPadAir and Mini Retina came out... Just saying ;)

    For What it's worth, just stumbled accross this: 0_1574269229481_BIASonAndroid.jpg

  • @bloozman66 said in 8 Years Since JamUp and JamUp Pro with no Android In Sight!!!! Not acceptable.:

    The only way I can understand this is if they can show me technical deficiency

    The comments about android platform working are incorrect. To this day, there is not a single android device that gets under 10 ms of latency. That includes with USB audio. It may seem like it does for a few seconds or maybe a minute, but you get small dropouts over for instance 5 to 10 minutes, if you try any sample rate below 512.

    Audio evolution application and its developer, ask him and he will tell you. i have worked with him for years waiting for any android physical device that will do this. we had hopes for the google pixed, also dashed. the one that had hopes does NOT support usb audio!