BIAS AMP 2 Annoying pop-up at startup and BIAS FX incompatibility!

  • Hi Everyone,

    I have been using BIAS AMP 2 for a while now and I can't get over this annoying popup window at startup asking to login to Tonecloud each and every time I open the app with or without internet connection!
    I have sent an email about this to support and received no response!
    Seriously - this popup at startup makes paid app look like it is a demo version! I don't understand what is so difficult in adding an option turn off this popup or at least add an option to remember login details!

    Also, if you have created your own amps in BIAS AMP 2 and plan to use it with BIAS FX the amp won't sound the same! I have sent an email about this loooong time ago and someone supposedly looked into it I have emailed again and been told that they still got time to look into it - it has been 8 months since I have reported this and until this day have received no email about any update on this issue!

    Thanks Positive Grid!