Positive Grid Linux experiences - (Running VSTs in BitWig or Tracktion)

  • Hey,
    since I am going to give BIAS AMP2 and BIAS FX2 a try on Linux,
    I would be glad to hear experiences about running the VST Plugin in the strong DAWs on Linux like "BitWig" or "Tracktion Waveform".
    There does not seem to be an official support for Linux or for these DAWs but since VST Plugins are generally working across platform it seems possible to me.
    I would like to hear some opinion or advices on this topic.
    Anyway I am going to keep you up to date on how it will work out for me.
    Regards, Lnrd.

  • @leon-fischer I would try the free versions and see what happens, Under linux I use KX studio and some free files, never tried bias though.