Why does the demo/LE version have no cabs? Sounds horrible!

  • Why would BIAS make only the preamp sound demoable? Who's gonna buy the software based on just the preamp buzz? It'd make much more sense to give at least ONE cab you could listen to, and one power amp and everything, and make that somehow limited.

    As it is, with ONLY the preamp on, of course it only sounds like a distortion pedal in the demo version.

    Why make it so? Is there any way to sample how the actual product will sound? Stupid way to market it IMO, making the demo sound nothing like the 'real thing'.

  • A2

    I'm not sure but I think on the demo what you hear it's a full rig setup.. you just can't edit anything but the preamp section

  • Really. I remember it being pretty much full stock stuff, but it dropped out or made noise every thirty seconds.