Bias Amp 2 does not want to start on the Mac 10.14.6

  • Hello together

    Maybe someone here has a solution for me. I have the current OS from Apple on my Mac. So the version 10.14.6

    Now to my problem. I bought the current bundle from Positive Grid as Bias FX 2 and Bias Amp 2 including Bias Pedal. FX2 and pedal run without problems. The sound is good and fun. But I can't get Bias Amp 2 to run. Unfortunately I only have the possibility to download the current version.

    Bias Amp starts and closes immediately. Neither the group on Facebook nor the support can help me at the moment. And no I can not go back to 10.14. This was a suggestion in the Facebook forum. The support asked me to uninstall, rename folders and reinstall. Nothing helped. I can't even log in.

    Did any of you have similar problems and solve them? Would be really great if someone could help me. There must be a solution because other Mac users use Bias Amp 2 too.

    Thanks for your help



  • @hess-joerg Exact same issue I'm having. I opened a ticket and it got me nowhere.

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    @hess-joerg Try the methods below to see if the issue is resolved

    -1) Rename the BIAS_Amp 2 folder in Documents/PositiveGrid to "BIAS_Amp2 backup"

    -2) Delete BIAS _AMP 2.settings in
    /Users/[User_name]/Library/Application Support/PositiveGrid/BIAS_Amp2.settings

    *Click on the 'Go' menu in Finder while holding down [Alt/Option] to access the'username/Library' folder

    Video: How to find 'username/Library

  • Hi at all

    I don't know what I did. But after having installed and uninstalled the whole days over and over again, today finally the success.

    I really deleted everything that was there. all folders all files of Bias Amp 2, Bias FX2 and Bias Pedal. Then I went here and just installed Bias Amp2 as a plugin, restarted the computer, opened Logic Pro X and let the plugins search again. And see Bias Amp2 was there all at once. After that I installed the Stand Alone and then Bias FX2 complete and Bias Pedal complete. And now finally everything is running. I could also log in. At the moment everything seems to be running.

    Thanks for your patience and your effort.



  • @hess-joerg whatever it was it really should have nothing to do with 10.14.6 been rock steady here and no issues ever opening any of the PG apps
    0_1566225305493_Screen Shot 2019-08-19 at 7.33.02 AM.png