Reamping with AUM only reverb works

  • Hey everyone. I started working on sketches at lunch on my iphone.

    Something weird is happening. Only reverbs are working when I play a di track in aum and run it through bias fx.

    Here is what i did:

    AUM session with 2 tracks.

    Ch 1 has bias fx loaded so I can hear what I play. CH2 has no fx just recording DI.

    I do not record CH 1 thats just for monitoring. Im only recording DI on CH 2 because I want to have the ability to drop it onto my laptop DAW later.

    So back at my desk after lunch I load up the DI track on the input for CH 1 in AUM and run it through bias fx. I am using a chain with comp, clean amp, delay and reverb.

    So weird i was getting a strange sound like the level was low. Turns out that only reverb was performing any DSP.

    When i remove the reverb from the chain I get no signal out. I can see the input meters running in Bias FX but no output. So so weird.

    Anyone have any insight on this?