Recording over a backing track.

  • Hi guys, hoping you can shed some light here. I'm a long time user of Amplitube which is great for most needs. I recently purchased Bias FX because of the huge assortment of presets and the super easy way to upload and download rigs from other users via the cloud.
    Now here's my issue, is there a way to import backing tracks and record over them the same way you would with Amplitube? I've read a ton of post that recommend Garage Band or a simple player to play the backing track so you can play over them, but nothing I can fine deals with the recording.
    Any help would be appreciated.

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    @pfaugh You can record via BIAS FX1/FX2 plugin version in a DAW (say Garageband or ProTools) or record and playback through the Looper in BIAS FX2. Check out this tutorial: