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  • Look guys, seriously, I dont understand how you make such a good product and then drop the ball on so many issues.
    FIrst, I can't use my Mini as an interface?!?!? What the hell are you thinking? It has a USB and then you dont add asio functionality?!?!?!

    I am trying to make a laptop based rig. I was trying to NOT buy some other USB interface, since I have the Mini and an Avid 11 Rack, and an Apollo mk2 thunderbolt... at 1400 bucks that is NOT leaving the studio.

    Also, this crap with no effects... and dont tell me that garbage about Effects 2 or whatever. I paid around 200 for the VST, and 800 for the amp, and 180 for the pedal for the amp... jesus, i could have just bought a fractal AX7 or whatever and never had the issues I am having with this thing.

    Its a dam shame... your models are awesome....

    Finally, why the hell doesn't anyone get the idea of tones for metal or djent or whathaveyou that actually sound good??? I have downloaded dozens of amp matches and some of them are just fizzy and aweful.

    Im sorry. I love the amp mods, but not being able to have effects, ie, just having to bring more pedals, or come up with some kinds of cable monstrosity that involves my Iphone for effects is just backwards. I dont get any of this. I should have just got bias effects, the bluetooth pedal, (oh i bought one of those thinking it would work with the MINI... NOPE) and just run it on my phone and had everything go to a powered cab. I usually research a lot before purchase as i have been burned far too often, but all the research i did never prepared me for this.

    I guess some lucky ebay guy is gonna get my bias stuff cheap.

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    @cbkamerud Thanks for the inputs! I've shared your feedback to our product team and we will definitely look into this!

  • Same here
    Missing the posibility to use it as an interface and missing the posibility to add effects!
    Honestly, you're software developers... you already have software and knowhow.... couldn't be that difficult
    thank you anyway for the amp!

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    @cbkamerud We were just talking about sticking a phone in the FX loop. If it works, it really would actually probably be pretty good! I took Bias FX out on an iPad with an FRFR and it worked, but man, the head with an iphone would be less stuff to go wrong

  • I’m happy with my Bias Mini amp, but it’s definitely missing the ability to load my bias fx2 presets... it’s sad considered it’s probably just a software thing.
    It’s a paradox that to play those presets via cabinet, I have to connect my Mac to the Scarlett 2i2 leaving the amp in its case...

  • Yeah I went through the same ordeal when I bought my rack unit. Yes the models sound great, yes you get a lot of amp models and tone cloud, great for newer updates, BUT to really create a metal amp or an over driven amp, you really need a peddle in front.

    I understand the premise of why it was created, but minus the effects, you need good noise reduction, good over drive pedals and so on, which in a software environment anything is possible.

    I hate ragging on PG, but other manufactures add a ton of updates and support for their products and in this price range, you should be able to get addons like the option to install peddles or effects into the signal chain, and alter the signal chain as well.

    I have not used my rack unit yet since I bought it, still sitting in the box, because some of the software for Bias Amp 2 I have peddle installed in front, so you see, I'm not going to get the tone I need from the rack unit. At least have the option to add effects and peddle bundle, and have better routing capabilities.

    Right now my Digitech gsp 1101 and Eleven rack get more use, and even the old product gsp 1101, someone went out of their way to add an update to newer firmware to add your own Impulse response (10). So not sure why with a great new product and software developing why this cannot happen with the rack and head units.

    Not sure of the separation of all the software, FX 2, Bias AMP 2, Elite, pro and so on, which leads many to beleive it is just a money making scheme to have them all separated like that. I get PG was a sotware based development for DAW and then created external units, but when people have invested so much time with Bias FX 2 with dual amp capabilities, and effects signal chain, I would assume you could program that into the external units, but nope, I was wrong.

    To create a great tone in your DAW with Bias FX 2 and dual amp, and then trying to duplicate that with Bias Amp 2, never going to get anything close. Bias AMP 2 great product, noise gate, not so great, no dual amps, not great, no effects or peddles not great, make it uniform and stop the confusion with new buyers and offer better features in the external units, and I am sure there will be less confusion and a lot less people buying and selling Bias heads and racks as soon as they figure out it is not what they wanted.

    Anyway, this may be a dead horse, but I am sure there are many like myself scratching their heads and wondering why these updates are not happening or the option to have certain updates added to the external units. As others have mentioned someone is going to get a brand new unit in a box that soon will be for sale.

    Let your software match the external units and be done with it, I am sure so many will be happy.



  • Totally agree with the points raised. I've had my mini since maybe April, there's a few bugs that prevent me from bothering to turn it on most of the time and the response is always "a fix is coming soon". Lack of effects wouldn't bother me too much if the product was strong enough without it, but unfortunately the amp tones are only on par with the other units that pack in other features at the same price point. PG really need to get the bugs ironed out, and prioritise their hardware more. Since the FX2 software came out there has been no progress at all on the hardware side. We need less bugs, more features, and better quality modelling if PG want to stay relevant in the hardware game.

  • I have several friends who are staying away and going for options like Helix because

    Separate Products Bias Amp Bias FX Bias mobile
    Separate licensing schemes for each. If I buy an expansion pack why do I have to pay for it two or 3 times?
    Buggy integration between BFX and Bias Amp.
    No hardware foot controller so we have to find separate interfaces (more cost)
    Licences that just drop out and have to be reloaded.

    Seems like you need a project manager with a clearly defined vision of what this product should be. So instead spending resources creating Bias Amp 2 LE, you create a project, get feedback from your users and focus on making a quality product instead of finding different ways to generate revenue streams. If you take care of the product and your users the $$$$ will take care of themselves.

    Went through this with Line 6 years ago, looks like now they got their stuff straightened out..

    Came to you for the tone but now wishing I had bought a Helix.

  • @bgucrossroads said in missing the future:

    No hardware foot controller so we have to find separate interfaces (more cost)

    you may look for the Bias Footswitch?

  • @abrunner Are you talking about the 4 position foot switch ? I am using an Xtone Pro with midi and foot controller for Bias FX. But again that is a workaround unless PG offers something I am not aware of.

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    @bgucrossroads Yes all BIAS Series Amps (BIAS Head/Rack/MINI) are compatible with the 4 button wired BFS4 footswitch.

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    @bgucrossroads Thanks for the inputs! I've passed it along directly to our product team and we will conduct a review to have things enhanced soon, thanks a bunch!