Today is the day! I'm uninstalling :)

  • I've sunk hundreds of dollars into the BIAS family of products, not to mention hundreds of hours. After watching endless rave reviews by people I thought were reputable, and trying it out myself, I thought I'd really stumbled onto something great. I find myself trying to force BIAS to work for me. I feel guilty that I've spent money on something that is coming up so short, but here we are. Whether it be the IMPOSSIBLY high CPU usage that seems to overload every computer I try it on, the fact that somehow PG has managed to make their amps noisy as shit but also having very weird gain with no real balls, I just don't understand it. I feel like I got scammed and I'm over it. What an absolutely horrible experience. Surely I can't be the only one to feel this?

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    I'm actually happier with the gain on Bias than the others, it actually seems to me to get the most actual gain effects of any amp sim.

    On the other hand, you are definitely right about the CPU use. Bias efficiency in general really needs some work.

    Soundwise though, there's nothing I can really compare to it

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    @mdad0601 Hi , thanks for your feedback, we've been working on improving the overall performance of BIAS FX 2 and there will be an update in August soon. Please also see my reply to your ticket, thanks!

  • @mdad0601 said in Today is the day! I'm uninstalling :):

    ... every computer I try it on ... I feel like I got scammed and I'm over it...

    A Mac? that rant really sounds like you are over it - thanks for stopping by

  • Really wondering what the gig is. I just got bias 2 amp and fx working and the sound is breathtaking. I can tune the sound/distortion right down to a gnat's ass and mixes are drastically improved. I really suspect your rig is the problem, sorry.

  • Different software platforms work for different people. I had a love/hate relationship with Bias Amp until three things changed:

    1. V2
    2. Upgraded my interface (made a huge difference)
    3. Started getting some really good 3rd party IR’s which also made a huge difference.

    Now I love it. I occasionally use some different amp plugins depending on my mood, but Bias amp is my go-to. It’s gone from being inconsistently satisfying to the most reliable and stable (tone-wise) reference tone I have available in my plugs collection.

    I wouldn’t try to talk anyone into thinking otherwise, just offering my experience. I had reached a point where I was prepared to hate it forever, and then things changed.

  • I answer you for my experience:

    • I tried all the amp simulators on the market. Absolutely Bias Fx and Bias Amp 2 are the best.
    • Great Gain. Remember to enter into the sound card as high as possible, obvious... before clipping :)
    • CPU usage. I've been using Live for 2 years, without any problems, never crashing. On MacBook Pro.

    I really love it. I use Bias Fx with ROLAND UA-100 (96 buffer, latency less than 1 sec) + LINE 6 FBV EXPRESS MK2 (as midi controller).

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    What does your actual travelling mac book hardware setup look like? I enjoyed my "One Wire iOS Setup" but there was still some sketchiness and unreliability on the iPad

  • @mdad0601 So you are here looking for validation? F'off. If you can't make it work for you and have given up, there are plenty of alternate tools, so have at it, man. Move on like a grown up.

    But, honestly my Bias setup is killer and I have a bunch of high end stuff to compare to; so I'm not going to join a negativity pile on in the company sponsored user/support forum just for your emotional benefit. LOL

    PG have done a pretty good job of acknowledging issues and continuing to innovate and improve. So good on them!

  • I cannot rag on PG for the sound and characteristics of the software compared to others, it is always my go to software for DAW. I know so many software manufactures have something you can load up and play away without much fiddling around, but the sound quality compared to BIAS AMP and BIAS FX, not many come close.

    Now recording a song with multiple pieces of software in a mix, will anyone know, probably not, but a lot of people know what a guitar should sound like, but to achieve that within a DAW, well that is a different story.

    It will take some time knowing and understanding how to use the product, just like anything else, and of course understand the dynamics you have to work with, when to add an EQ, more gain, less gain and so on, so a major learning curve for some.

    I only wish all their software Bias FX 2 Would integrate with the external heads and racks, and many would be happy campers.

    As far as making it work for you, that is the learning curve, but as far as CPU usage, on all I3, I5, and I7 computers I have used, even with a mini computer with a slow processor and 8bg of ram, the DAW took more CPU power, and have never had Bias AMP 2 crash on me yet, few little hickups, but nothing major. Also, you should optimize your DAW computer to avoid having Internet, Virus programs and so on that may interfere and take up resources. There are some sites that talk about this.

    I have other beefs with PG, but the sound quality is not one of them, and always my go to software even without 3rd party IRS and have a few of them that sound great.