Today is the day! I'm uninstalling :)

  • I've sunk hundreds of dollars into the BIAS family of products, not to mention hundreds of hours. After watching endless rave reviews by people I thought were reputable, and trying it out myself, I thought I'd really stumbled onto something great. I find myself trying to force BIAS to work for me. I feel guilty that I've spent money on something that is coming up so short, but here we are. Whether it be the IMPOSSIBLY high CPU usage that seems to overload every computer I try it on, the fact that somehow PG has managed to make their amps noisy as shit but also having very weird gain with no real balls, I just don't understand it. I feel like I got scammed and I'm over it. What an absolutely horrible experience. Surely I can't be the only one to feel this?

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    I'm actually happier with the gain on Bias than the others, it actually seems to me to get the most actual gain effects of any amp sim.

    On the other hand, you are definitely right about the CPU use. Bias efficiency in general really needs some work.

    Soundwise though, there's nothing I can really compare to it

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    @mdad0601 Hi , thanks for your feedback, we've been working on improving the overall performance of BIAS FX 2 and there will be an update in August soon. Please also see my reply to your ticket, thanks!

  • @mdad0601 said in Today is the day! I'm uninstalling :):

    ... every computer I try it on ... I feel like I got scammed and I'm over it...

    A Mac? that rant really sounds like you are over it - thanks for stopping by