Problems with MIDI pedalboard

  • Hi everyone! Hope that someone can help me!

    I'm trying to control Bias FX 2 standalone with a Line6 POD HD500 as a midi controller. When I press the "Learn" button I always get the message "No MIDI input was recived within 5 seconds". I've tried to program the pedalboard in any possible way I know (control change, program change, bank change, note on/off) but nothing seems to work. I've also checked the input signal with MIDI-OX and everything seems ok. I'm sure that I've enabled everything in BIAS FX. I don't know what to do :-(!
    Any help will be really appreciated!! (
    Sorry for my bad English, I'm Italian :-)

  • @danielesestri Having the same trouble hear, did you find a solution

  • A2

    Hey guys, have you looked at the output on a MIDI monitor? I think there are still some standalone ones, otherwise, you can install the reaper demo, then put the plugin "ReaControlMIDI" on the track with the MIDI input and chose "log" in the plugin and see what its sending.

    I can tell you that the MIDI over USB on the Pod XT Live absolutely works fantastic

  • the obvious maybe or not so? for Standalone operation midi connect check "Audio Settings" at the bottom to ensure your midi controller is present and active -
    0_1568664265667_Screen Shot 2019-09-16 at 12.59.26 PM.png
    if your midi control problems still persist report back with screenshot(s) for more help I guess (I see midi-ox was tried by the op so not much left to check there outside of this setting first) if all set correct and getting midi to the pc but not to Bias app then it's midi routing next and not much else (routing your midi may also involve programing your pedal board) standalone midi is pretty strait forward compared to midi to plugin host, you can figure it out most likely just like pipe says using a monitor app to verify midi communication (use reaper and host bias there for full midi control as well)