BIAS FX2 VST: MIDI PC changes inside DAW don't work unless BIAS FX2 window is open

  • For BIAS FX2 VST, I cant get the MIDI PC changes for patch switching to work until I open the BIAS FX2 window within the DAW. MIDI CC messages get through just fine without the window opening (meaning I can toggle on/off effects that I've set up), but if I try to change a patch, it doesn't work. Once I open the FX2 VST, then MIDI PC messages go through the client properly.

    I've tested this in 2 different DAW's with 2 different MIDI pedals, same result: MIDI PC messages don't get passed through to the FX2 client until the FX2 window opens.

    REPRO STEPS (make sure you have a MIDI controller connected and active)

    1. Open DAW
    2. Assign BIAS FX2 to an active channel
    3. Open BIAS FX2
    4. In the patch name window, click the name and EDIT any patch listed.
    5. Select a MIDI PC number that corresponds to one of your MIDI controller buttons
    6. Repeat 4 and 5 for another patch, using another MIDI PC number
    7. Ensure the MIDI controller engages the patches when you press the corresponding buttons
    8. Save the DAW session and close the DAW
    9. Re-open the DAW and load the session you just saved
    10. Without opening BIAS FX2 within the DAW, use the MIDI controller to engage the patches

    RESULT #1
    No patch changes occur

    1. Open the BIAS FX2 client inside the DAW
    2. Use the MIDI controller to engage the patches

    The patches engage properly once the window is open.

    Can we get this bug fixed so that the MIDI PC messages pass through properly to the FX2 client without having the window open?
    I tested this same procedure with Amplitube 4 and it allows MIDI PC messages to pass through without the window open, so I know its not my controllers or DAW's.

    **I've submitted a support ticket for this issue.(93926)

  • Moderator

    Thank you for bringing this to our attention, we'll look into this, thanks!

  • Thanks, Mike.