Tone Request: Would love someone to help get this tone.

  • This is an acoustic solo someone posted on reddit and it makes the acoustic guitar sound electric. I've been trying to replicate it using Bias but I'm a noob at nailing tone. solo.wav?dl=0

  • So are you looking to get this tone from your acoustic or your electric?

  • @nasser-daoud : sounds acoustic through a single coil maybe....... Doesn't grab me.

  • @kgm For my acoustic. The solo is supposed to be on an acoustic but the guitar player made his acoustic sound like an electric and I'm not sure how he did it.

  • As I said, it doesn't sound electric to me.

  • @tannhauser Then what does it sound like to you, because I definitely do not hear a straight out of the box acoustic guitar. Some sort of effect has to be on it.

  • @nasser-daoud : "sounds acoustic through a single coil maybe......." Timbre and tone are different things.

  • Actually, it is an acoustic but the signal is split.

    From what i hear :

    • Acoustic sound straight center
    • Heavily processed acoustic (panned to the left)

    The acoustic part :

    • has a lot of compression
    • is a raw recording from a microphone (judging by the proximty effect that can be heard)
    • has a (2 taps) delay in stereo (the first one on the left and the second on the right, set the time to taste between 45ms-200ms, set the feedback so you have 2-3 repetitions before it dies out)

    The processed part :

    • sound like it's the same tracks from the acoustic but filtered to get a "radio filter" effect (highpass from 200Hz to 500Hz, lowpass around 5Khz-8Khz)
    • has a distortion that sounds like a fuzz pedal (though the filter might be the reason it sound like a fuzz)
    • has either a chorus or phaser after the distortion (definitely an effect affecting the signal's phase)

    To finish the overall thing, there is a small reverb to glue the parts together.
    Honestly, this sound like a stem from a fully mixed song (rather than a tone), so i'm not sure how close you're gonna be to that using only Bias => the acoustic recording alone affects the whole thing.