BIAS FX2 move banks in list view

  • I'd like to be able to move the user preset banks in list view so they are the first two columns rather than having to scroll to get to them. Is there a way to do this? Click and drag doesn't work.

  • There's no way to do it in the GUI. If you're using Windows, You have to edit the bank.json file in \Documents\PositiveGrid\BIAS_FX2\GlobalPresets. If you're not familiar with programming syntax, I'd advise being very careful doing this, because if even one character is missing in certain places, your BIAS FX2 client wont open.

    Edit the file in something like notepad++.
    At the very bottom you'll see something like this:
    "bank_folder" : "B606D598-14C7-EB98-AC80-77A1F114935F",
    "bank_name" : "Bank 1",
    "display_order" : 0,
    "is_factory" : false
    "bank_folder" : "6683CD2A-39D9-EEC0-6510-369203A24FFE",
    "bank_name" : "Bank 2",
    "display_order" : 1,
    "is_factory" : false

    Cut those, and paste them under "LiveBanks" near the top. Make sure to add a comma after the last '}' character.
    You'll have to change the display order numbers for all the listings in this file. Do so by making "display_order" : 0, for Bank 1, display_order" : 1, for Bank 2 and so on. Change the "is_factory" values from false to true.

  • That worked! I'm running it on a Mac but I found the .json file in the location you described. I made a copy of the original file so if I screwed up the syntax I could just paste it back in there. Took a couple of tries but finally got it. I'm not so big on factory presets so to have the user presets as the first 2 columns is great.
    Thanks a lot, much appreciated!

  • @slimjim57 You're very welcome, I'm glad it worked.
    Keep in mind that any new presets you save will have to be manually put into that top section, since you can't save user presets to the Factory Bank section. It's a pain, and would be a lot easier if we could just drag things around.

  • It does let me drag presets from the factory banks into my user banks. Then I can just overwrite and edit name etc

  • If anyone is good at programming, a small application to process these files would be super useful.