Latency between patches when switching with MIDI

  • I've tried a couple different MIDI controllers at this point. I've used the FCB1010 and it had a bit of a delay to it. I have since moved to a Line 6 HX Effects and was trying to use that as my MIDI controller so that I could set up banks and have up to the 16 different channels available via MIDI. The problem is that there is a very long delay between patches on the Bias Rack when switching using that method, up to 1/3 or 1/2 second, way too long to be an effective live solution. Is there a way to get around this. Is this being addressed? Does anyone have a workaround that doesn't include buying another amp? Thank you in advance.

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    I use scenes for that, otherwise like you say its a long switch. Not sure how revalver managed to pull off their switching thing, but that's pretty neat. For most of what I want to do, scenes are working for me....Be careful with the a/b switch if you are using it, it can POP!!! Instead use the balance between one and 2 to be controlled instead, that switches very nicely

  • @pipelineaudio I guess I didn't reference this in my original post but I'm using the Bias Rack hardware with Line 6 HX Effects. Not Bias FX, so scenes isn't a solution for what I'm trying to do currently.

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    ahhh! Oh that's scary that that doesn't switch so fast

  • So, with a ton of research and trial and error, what I've found is it is NOT a latency issue from the Bias Rack. When the HX effects I'm using tries to switch presets it loads all of the effect changes prior to sending the MIDI signal, on the preset level. There is a way to get around it by using snapshots within the HX effects and any other Helix type processor. But, that's completely the backwards way of doing it if you're a guitar player. I know this is not a Line 6 forum, but to help out anyone who might be in the same situation for live performance, I would like to share this information. If you would like to have instantaneous switching through BIAS Rack patches and you're using a MIDI controller (like Helix, or HX effect or Firehawk) or an effects board that may have other changes set up within the board this has to be understood. There will be a delay in switching between patches if the fx board you're using doesn't send the MIDI signal first, and loads presets on the board the processor prior to sending the MIDI signal. As with the Line 6 group of processors you have to set up snapshots to get instantaneous switching. It does work seamlessly if you take the time to set up snapshots. And I would suggest setting up a patch for each song you perform and using the snapshots within that preset to control the Bias Amp/Rack. I'd be happy to answer any questions for anyone who is using a similar setup.