AMD Ryzen vs Intel I5 o I7 for Bias amp 2 and Bias FX 2?

  • Hello, I am a user of several Positive Grid products for PC and I have to buy a new computer. I would like to know which option would be better, if AMD Ryzen or Intel I5 or I7 to use Bias FX and Bias Amp. Thank you.

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    @arandasanchezoscar I would suggest the highest spec if possible!

  • The new Ryzen 3rd Generation processors match the Intel stuff in IPC and have more cores. I don't see how you could go wrong with that. Just make sure you get enough RAM and that it's faster than 2666 Mhz, recommend over 3000 if possible.

  • It so totally doesn't matter -- CPUs don't even break a sweat doing audio processing these days.

    I'm running multiple instances of Bias FX, multiple Arturia soft synths, and 10-20 tracks of audio with compression, eq, and reverb simultaneously in my DAW (Cakewalk), and that's on a machine built around an Intel i7-950 @ 3.0GHz -- a mid-tier $300 cpu from 2009.