Is it possible to import an existing guitar track?

  • Is there a way to import an existing guitar track either through the song editor or play to find feature?

  • @dougmiller3699 It's not possible to import an existing audio track into X Drummer at the moment. But if you're thinking of getting a drum track using Play to Find with an existing guitar track, perhaps you can play it back on another device and utilize the built-in microphone on your iPad to get X Drummer to listen to it.

    Do you mind sharing with us what you're looking to do?

  • @ben-lee That's a good idea using another device, I'll give it a shot. Maybe I'll try my actual amp too.

    What I'm looking to do is to bring in my existing guitar tracks from other apps such as Cubasis or even tracks from my computer. Rather than having to replay them again, I thought it would be more convenient and time-saving to import them. My existing guitar tracks have ok/basic drum tracks. Because of the great drum tracks I can get out of XDrummer, by importing guitar tracks (wav, mp3, etc.) into the song editor and/or using the play feature, I think I'll get much better drum tracks for them which then can be exported out and brought into my DAW or Cubasis.

    Maybe AudioBus could be used as an alternative. For example, I have a guitar track in Cubasis, if I set Cubasis as my input in AudioBus (if that's even possible) and XDrummer set as my output in AudioBus, and XDrummer is set to the Play and Find, will it hear the Cubasis track being played? Will it record the track if I'm in the Song Editor?

    Also, I accidentally deleted a guitar track that was originally created in XDrummer using the song editor. Rather than hitting the play button, I hit the record button and the guitar track I had originally created in XDdrummer was deleted and I couldn't get it back, the undo button wouldn't let me go back either. So, having the option to import the track would have been great (if I exported it out first as a backup). No worries though, I rerecorded it again, although not exactly as it was.


  • This is exactly how I want to use X drummer, as an intelligent drum machine plug-in IN Cubasis.
    I'm not really interested in using X drummer in stand-alone mode as I do all my recording and arranging in Cubasis. Ideally I could set up X as an inter-app insert and send my guitar track, have the PlayToFind processing and then be able to import/link the audio or midi back into Cubasis.

    I was able to record songs into the X drummer recorder using Cubasis as an inter-app client, but the PlayToFind didn't seem to be able to process the audio coming in from Cubasis as the BPM was way off.

    Hopefully, PositiveGrid will put some resources into making X drummer as a plugin feasible. I'd also really like to see it integrated into JamUp Pro which I use quite a bit as well..

  • @dougmiller3699 YES!
    I do that exactly like on this screen :-)
    First I had recorded guitar track in Multitrack DAW app, next connected into XDrummer by IAA, then use Play to Find and alternatively export all or partially to Garageband. That's all :-)

  • @642carl Thanks for the reply. I like your idea of having X be used as an IAA in Cubasis. Would be much easier.
    Not long after I posted, I experimented with using Cubasis as IAA into X. I had the same issue with the BPM not syncing when using play to find. But, I adjusted X's bpm to match my tracks bpm which helped with syncing. It was tricky because the guitar track and drum tracks can't start to play simultaneously. I had to start one, and then time the other to come in. I set my play head in Cubasis at the first bar of the guitar track, switched back to X, hit play, then by ear, hit play on Cubasis.
    Play to find seems to have an issue with getting the bpm right when using Cubasis as IAA I find.
    A pre-count for play to find would be a nice addition for the next update.

  • @mark-bether Thanks for the reply and graphic, very helpful!
    As I mentioned, I experimented after posting and was able to record my guitar track via Cubasis as IAA into song editor as well. Although a bit tricky, combining play to find and song editor can work.

    This is how I'd like it to work; import (not play live or via IAA) a track into play to find, it provides drum track selections with correct bmp, add the drum tracks to song editor and then import the same guitar track into song editor. Maybe there's even an option in play to find that will automatically place your guitar track into song editor thus not having to import it again or have to record it. This could even work if your playing directly into play to find via a connected interface.

    I like the fact that play to find gives you suggested drum tracks that can be used in song editor. If I only use song editor along with the recorded track, I have to go through hundreds of patterns to get what I want which can be fun but time consuming. Play to find narrows things down and points me in a general pattern/genre that I can go to and find alternative patterns to experiment with.

  • @ben-lee Thanks for adding the audio import function in the new 1.5.7 version! Haven't tried it yet, but will do soon and let you know how it goes.

  • @dougmiller3699 Audio import is great for create and manage a drum track for whole song. But we can't use it for "Play for Find" option for now.