Bias FX 2 Effect Request: The Bias Amp Parametric EQ in FX

  • Dear PG: @Mike @Felix @Joe-Kuo

    One thing I have a never ending struggle with in Bias FX 2 is the lack of a true parametric EQ. I like Bias FX a lot, but I often find, especially with amp matched models, I absolutely need a post amp EQ in the chain to get my tone to 100% of where I want it.

    The tone stack controls do not have anywhere near the granularity to really fine tune your sound and basically the only usable tool in FX for this type of EQ use is the Rack style graphic. But it is really not the best tool for the job; what you really need is: a multi-band parametric EQ.

    A FULLY parametric EQ... the Loomis EQ is a pedal style EQ and does not have an adjustable Q. It is really more like a simple adjustable post amp tone stack. The Studio EQ is a buggy abomination (I have at least one open ticket on it and it still is not fixed, it constantly resets itself, etc). I am sure it is based on some classic piece of rack gear but even if it were working it is hopelessly bad for this purpose, has only a single adjustable band, and the interface is pretty much incomprehensible.

    If only there was a totally awesome, fully adjustable, multi-band, true parametric EQ. You know like the one in Bias Amp! :)

    Now, I do own Amp 2 (Elite) but it is just not practical to go back and forth between amp and FX and create a custom version of every amp I use just to get the EQ right. I would end up with hundreds of preset specific amps.

    I literally use a minimum of one ten band GEQ on every preset. I often use up to three... This process would be greatly simplified by a parametric which you clearly already have the code for. I can use the Logic EQ in a track or something but I really want my Bias FX presets to be fully stand alone so I can share them with others or run them in the iOS app (hopefully we will see an FX 2 on iOS soon, too ;) )

    Anyway please give this some consideration. This would take Bias to a whole new level for me personally and I am sure other users would dig it as well. I feel that the Bias Amp parametric module is already well done so you are like 90% of the way there out of the gate.

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    Thanks for the feedback and suggestion, will forward this to our product team for sure, thanks!