Trying to find a way to control volume in fx moble

  • I am running through an iRig HD audio interface with my ipad and using an iRig Blueboard to change presets in Bias fx mobile. I'm trying to find a way to control volume or at least be able to get a 6db boost for leads. I've added an expression pedal to the Blueboard, but cant get the pedal to work for toggling effects / amps on and off or using the virtual volume pedal. I go in, set up the midi parameters in the midi settings menu, and see that the pedal is being recognized, but the chosen effect/amp doesn't toggle when I move the pedal. It just glitches when I move the pedal. I tried adding a second amp and controlling the signal splitter. I managed to effect a channel change on the splitter, but cant get it to change back when reversing the pedal's direction. I saw that there's a work around for controlling the volume in JamUp Pro, but that's been just as problematic. I cant seem to import my fx rigs into JamUp. All I want is a way to control the volume or get a big boost for leads within a specific preset. I do covers and need a lot of specific amp/effect tones for performing. I'd prefer not to have to have two presets for each song, but it looks like thats the only choice I have at this point since there's no continuous midi control for fx mobile. I can't believe they have all this great functionaliy with the exception of a simple midi volume control. Any suggestions?

  • A2

    I use the volume pedal and set it for a different volume and use a CC to switch it in or out....instant volume change