Is there any idea to have a PG multieffect processor or pedalboard?

  • Hi, so i've been reading a lot of users on this forum who have the same needs.
    We all love Bias FX plugins but we all seems to have many doubts when it comes to perform live. By far the most efficient way seems to be the iPad with an interface and a midi controller. Others suggest a mac or pc but in my experience this does'nt work well because the latency of the preset change.

    So I think the logic step from this would be to have your own multieffect pedal featuring your well-designed plugins. I'm thinking about something like this:

    -Average multieffect size, like Pod HD500x or Fractal AX8
    -Unbalanced trs outputs and XLR outputs.
    -Headphones output.
    -FX loop.
    -Input and Output volume knobs.
    -Usb 3.0/Firewire for pc/mac editing and firmware update.
    -Instance to add Bias Amp and Bias Pedal features.

    What would be the pros of this:
    -All in one hardware, no need for iPad>dock>controller way where something can fail.
    -Eliminate the latency problem.

    I think this could be great if you do it.

  • A2

    Its my dream!

  • The PG multieffect pedalboard is something a lot of players are asking for. Hope to see it soon.

  • @pheresys They'll never answer this unless or until one is released because they don't want to affect sales of the current BT-4.

  • No one has ever thought of this before. You are the first person who has ever asked. Postivie Grid has no idea anyone would even want such a thing.