Bias FX 2 Questionable Quality

  • Hello all,
    can someone express their thoughts or shed some light on this subject/concern.
    First, I purchased BIAS Head processor recently, really like it with it's BIAS AMP 2 software!
    I also purchased BIAS FX 2 soon after getting familiar with BA2, really don't like FX 2 at this point.
    I currently use Garageband/stripped down version of Logic Pro X. I'm using B- FX2 as a plugin for guitar pedal effects. I want to use B-FX2 pedals only, without the included amps sims. I think I may be doing something wrong because when I use FX2 plugins with Bias Amp 2 it sounds very muddy and undesirable! Bias Amp 2 sounds really good alone to me when recorded into Garageband.
    As soon as I use the effects plugins, (disappointing!) I checked out PG's support, they had a couple suggestions, Use FX plugin as an Audio unit which I did or some drag and drop suggestion which I really did not understand, something about Garageband having it's own sandbox? I'm strongly considering getting a refund for FX2.!! Any help would be greatly appreciated!! BTW, would buying Logic Pro X improve... or does it matter?


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    @jameschristian3rd Please refer to this link to see if it helps

  • @mike Hi Mike,
    That really helped. Thanks to folks like you!


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    Was the cabinet left on? Or even the amp inside Bias FX? That would do it!