Why I chose one midi controller over another

  • I am going to relate this to why I even consider using Positive Grid software to replace real gear and the lack of ability on the part of Bias to provide the level of control that real gear affords me

    the real questions is this:

    You want me to dump my gear and pay for the licensing to use your app - BUT my MIDI controller (which I can NOT dump ever) is not given the same access to all the virtual gear - so asking me to dump the access my controller has to gear as well as the gear you would have me dump?

    I can't


    I almost went with this controller before considering BIAS


    now that will get you where you want in the real gear world when it comes to full individual midi control of Pedals Amps and Rack gear - doing scenes and any combination of layered commands that midi allows (the wheel)


    I chose not to use hardware pedals amps and rack gear and give BIAS the go ahead

    I chose


    I expected BIAS to have or evolve that same kind of true midi Individual FX Pedal Loop control (the wheel)

    picture if BIAS actually had something like this coded into it for midi switching of the pedals


    "One button press on a MIDI controller can turn on any or all of the 5 connected pedals. No more pedal tap dance!"

    (it can have as many loops as needed IN THE VIRTUAL WORLD)

    Now combine that approach with Individual midi control of everything

    So you could Also make advantage of CC messages layered to individual MIDI channels for each FX for greater flexibility

    A single physical pedal can be pressed send multiple CC and do -> (basic example)

    CC 81 [midi channel 1 Distortion] ON
    CC 82 [midi channel 2 Reverb] ON
    CC 83 [midi channel 3 Delays] toggled from ping pong unit to tape
    CC 84 [midi channel 4 Chorus / Delay] OFF / ON
    CC 85 [midi channel etc .. ]

    BUT the key is I need the control given back to me so I can tell my midi foot-switch on a given preset that it is working with say 5 pieces of gear using midi channels 1-5 as a start and when I enter that preset into an instant FX toggle access mode I can then go to even more complex layering

    BIAS acts as 1 piece of gear when it comes to midi instead of acting as a host for up to 16 channels of gear control

    If I have a harmonizer I can midi control it on channel 1 and I can then pass midi commands on the same midi cable using another midi channel like channel 3 to control the Next individual piece of gear a Reverb - I can then layer commands down this One Midi Cable that has up to 16 paths for complete separate individual midi control of PC and CC simultaneously

    Better Seamless switching in every aspect of this app would be born from making BIAS able to allow full unrestricted individual midi foot control of the internal pieces of gear

    just a thought

  • @tafkad like your chat on midi yer we like the real tricks at times would like to ask you a Q im using Mix Bus as a DAW when in audio track cc commands dont work only in midi track is there anyway around that would appreciate your feed back David from OZ

  • @davefrits hey David - I'll have to look into your question when I get some time, I'd guess you might have to use multiple tracks like I outlined in this example:


    I have not delved deep enough into MB yet though to give you any kind of definitive answer (mostly used it for mastering a mix)

    If I come up with anything I'll post it there for you - cheers