Bias FX2: Scene mode

  • From the Help section description:

    "When scene mode is entered, you have 4 scene slot to use: you can turn on/off the effects / amps on the signal path and save as a scene to quickly toggle and switch from different scenarios in a song. For example, you can use a clean setting in your intro, turn on a distortion pedal when going into the chorus, and turn on boost and delay for your solo. You can set them as different scenes in the same preset and switch very quickly just as if you’re using a physical pedalboard. Everything you changed in scene mode will be automatically saved."

    Scenes are a great addition, but given the nature of what they are for, I don't think it's wise to have changes automatically saved. After all, these are sub-configs within a preset, specifically set up before hand, and that implies we aren't looking to make any on-the-fly saves to them.

    For most pedals it's not too much of a problem, but once you start messing around with the Cry Wah and/or Pitch Shifter, you'll see how, after use, they can get caught in a very messy state if you automatically save their condition upon switching to another scene, and then switch back. The result is that the scene you had set up at first is not the scene you return to, and that defeats the purpose of the feature, in my opinion.

    I'd propose adding a 'save' button for the scenes, rather than having them automatically save. It can even be MIDI assignable, for those who would like to save their changes to the scenes on the fly. Either way, lose the auto-save, please.

  • completely agree - we need an actual "EDIT" mode to do these things (the last hot-fix for midi preset switching without the prompt is cool for now but this...)

    I noticed the inability to continue to toggle individual FX on/off when in scene mode (if they are not on they will toggle on and stay on - auto "saved" as described by the original post here)

    Scenes could be hugely powerful if they could be "edited" then saved

    Scene toggle + FX toggle = preset with more power [auto-save here negates this possibility]

    when used as a tool that lets us set up complex multi-unit control within a single preset for seamless FX switching solutions using a single foot-switch it is cool - but if "inside these scenes" we still had access to "normal toggle" of FX this would allow greater flexibility when switching back and forth between scenes

    again an actual EDIT BUTTON we "choose" to PRESS to "enter and exit" EDIT MODE for all editing and saving is a much more efficient fix for all of these edit/save related issues

  • A2

    Yup, edit mode sounds a lot lot lot lot safer .I was wondering why scenes were acting a bit different than I expected

  • @pipelineaudio what we really need is better "virtualization" of MIDI for the entire pile of gear we are trying to emulate = Real 16 channel midi instead of 1 channel

    808 midi channel 1
    WAH midi channel 2
    Switcher midi channel 3
    Chorus midi channel 4
    Reverb midi channel 5
    Boost midi chan..........
    ....... 16

    Just like in the real world - THIS is how we make scenes by having preset access via SEPARATE midi channels for each device - I am baffled why PG chose such a basic MIDI implementation for a "complex virtualization of multiple pieces of SEPARATE gear" MIDI is made to Make Use Of it's 16 Channels

    Bias FX is supposed to replace multiple pieces of gear - therefore IT is a HOST for Gear and is not a sole and only piece of gear we are trying to control

    Bias FX MIDI channel OMNI -1-16 = BAD

    Individual FX control of MIDI channel OMNI -1-16 = GREAT

  • @tafkad This is what a Good pro MIDI foot-controller is for

    Bias still forces me to use strange built in switching methods that will not allow the powerful combinations that any good midi controller is capable of

    I need Bias to give me control of MIDI and become a better emulation of what it represents to me:

    Bias replaces actual gear before adding anything to a preset -

    audio and midi cables
    splitter - mixer
    rack box and screws

    THIS is not what I want to MIDI control and should not impede my goal - in fact quite the opposite as Bias needs to be the helper of midi control:

    midi splitter
    midi switcher
    midi controlled fx loop box
    midi in/out/thru
    midi you name it

    please let US take real full midi control and allow us past the gate to get inside the program so we can do all the toggle multi-toggle scene layered whatever we want with our foot-controllers and remote controller apps

    this app is so close to feeling like "individual pieces of gear" and not just "an app" and real 16 channel midi control of individual pieces inside would push a long way past anything else out there

    it would require way less coded reinventions of the wheel if the platform just used the wheel

    The fact it invokes these thoughts makes me appreciate all the work into it even more - cheers