BIAS FX and delay switching effects.

  • Hi guys!
    How did you solve the problem of effects switching latency? I use bluetooth midi pedal, but the problem does not seem to be in it, effects inside the program switch slowly. Aprox. 0.2-0.3 sec. For live session it does not fit .. :(
    P.S. Sorry for my English:)

  • A2

    Scenes switch pretty fast! Sometimes there are more than one way for each effect with one being faster than another

    For instance, to switch channels with the splitter, theres a loud POP and slow switching if you do it on the splitter itself, vs smooth and FAST if you use the mixer at the end to switch instead

  • Thanks a lot! Yes, I will try this option. But maybe you know how to assign these switches to my Bluetooth controller. I use at this moment iRig Blueboard.