New Monthly Challenge!

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    Hey Sparkers!

    We've got a New Monthly Challenge for you, and we're jazzing it up in June! Learn how to play the main melody for Donna Lee by Charlie Parker with our new monthly challenge!

    Available for FREE now!

    Charlie Parker was a virtuosic Jazz Saxophonist, considered to be one of the best and most influential saxophone players in his prime. He was the pioneer of bebop music, and worked alongside Miles Davis, who is also considered the composer for Donna Lee. Many of his songs have gone on to become jazz standards, and despite his behavior and substance abuse, he cemented his name in jazz history.

    The main melody is a finger twister! Lots of chromatic runs over dominant 7th chords with plenty of key changes! Our backing track is at 180 bpm instead of the original 227 bpm to make sure you don't burn your fret board! Learn this and impress all the jazz cats amongst your family and friends!

    Do you think you've got what it takes to complete the challenge? If you do, take a video of yourself playing through it with our app, post it on instagram and tag us @pgsparkapp with the hashtag #sparkmonthlychallenge to get a chance to get featured on our page!

    Rock on!

    The Spark Team \m/