BIAS FX2 crashes after updating audio driver

  • Since Windows 10 changed something in the new build 1903, I can not use the running audio driver off my EMU 1616m interface anymore. I found a "fix" for this, replacing the driver by another driver from Creative. All my audio software is running with ASIO support - Cubase 10, BiaB, PGs BIAS Amp, Bias Amp2, Bias FX but not Bias FX2. Bias FX2 crashes at startup. Deinstalling and reinstalling does not help. My questions: Where are the settings (audio / MIDI, etc) stored? Will these settings be removed by deinstalltaion and if not, is there a way to reset these settings? Any other suggestions?

    I know that the audio interface is old, the original drivers are from 2011. But I don't want to throw a fully functional hardware into the garbage because Microsoft is changing something in the background. The trick with the replacement of the audio driver is somewhat dirty, but is working quite well except for BIAS FX2.

    Any suggestions? Hints? Thanks!!

    Addition: the plugin works, the 64Bit stand-alone version is the problem!

  • @jürgen-dick Ok, I solved it by myself. What is the problem:

    I started BIAS FX2 and changed the audio driver to the audio driver of my second audio interface that was connected at this time. The next time I started BIAS FX2 the second audio interface wasn't connected. BIAS FX2 crashes if the audio interfaces corresponding to the last selected audio driver is not connected. To solve the problem I reconnected the second audio interface, started BIAS FX2, chose the audio driver of my main audio interface and closed BIAS FX2. Now I can use my main audio interface again.

    No problem of Windows 10 or the audio driver itself. Problem is the error handling in BIAS FX2.

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    @jürgen-dick Hi, could you let me know the interfaces you're using ? thank you

  • @mike My main interface is an E-MU 1616m PCI. My second audio interface is a Focusrite iTrack Solo.

    I think the problem comes from selecting an ASIO audio driver for one interface in BIAS FX2 and then disconnecting the audio interface after finishing the application. When starting the application the next time there's no physical connection for the selected driver to an audio interface.

    I think that it's not the normal use -case to switch between different audio interfaces that are not necessarily permanent connected.

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    @jürgen-dick Thank you for the info! We'll do some tests from here, thanks again!

  • Also having a problem with Bias FX2 now crashing immediately after being loaded into Gig Performer.

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    @guitarkite said in BIAS FX2 crashes after updating audio driver:

    Gig Performer.

    BIAS FX 2 does not support Gig Performer officially I'm afraid, does it crash in the DAWs listed here ?

  • @mike The last update seems to have solved the crashing problem.

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    @guitarkite Glad to know that!