BIAS AMP 2 more suggestions ...

  • OK so after a couple of weeks, there's a few things that would defiantly make life easier.

    First is letting the imported Impulse Responses have names longer than 20 characters! Most meaningful and helpful Response names are longer than that. Speaker + cab + type + mics + other, is a common naming standard. When they're imported, the truncation makes it a bit of a 'mare to track down which Impulse is which!

    The other thing would be a facility to sync all the presets between installations. Easy enough to copy the Impulse Responses, and Cubase presets to the relevant folders, but the stored amps in the categories are not so easily done. There's also presets for the modules. Be nice if we could 'export all presets', and 'import' then to the other installation.
    There seems to be an option for one between BIAS AMP 1 & 2, but nothing for just back-ups.