Latency Issue?!

  • I am considering buying the full suite but I wanted to try before I bought. I downloaded the demo (Bias FX 2) and it has been fun thus far... One Problem, the latency makes it unusable for my needs.. is there a way around this without sacrificing audio quality/sample rate?

    Please anyone please let me know what I can do to fix this, if it helps I am using a UR22 for my audio interface and my laptop has 16gb ram/i7 processor windows 10 version 1809(newest)

  • A2

    Bias FX in and of itself has no reported latency ( I think there actually is some measured latency in bias amp, but its much much less than a milisecond, though again, there is no latency reported). Any noticeable latency is going to come from your interface itself

  • Just to help you out a little. Its a lot of thing you can do to get latency down, speed up the computer for sound use. There are some nice guides on what to do. On a normal computer, updated modern interface there should be no problem if sample rate set to 44.1kHz, buffer etc 172 (good starting point to increase and fine adjust both sample rate and buffer. I would start with the buffer). Most important is to update the interface driver, or get a new if interface is not supporting its driver anymore. There is also a lot of other factors coming to fact that impact the latency, and there are a lot of thing we can do to make our computer more sound ready, better fit for sound. And about sample rate; you can not hear difference after 48kHz sample rate, and IR's never go over (I think 96kHz).

    But to turn off some of the windows services you dont will in fact enable your computer to manage higher sample rate. There are even a script that can help with that.

    Just to get an overview what can be done. Its from focusrite, but everybody can does steps.