BiasAmp 2 Std With My Mixer?

  • I have a ZED 10FX USB Mixer connect to 1 JBL 305mkii and the mixer does not use ASIO, I cannot get bias amp configured. I open bias amp and the only options in sound settings are ASIO,Windows and Direct Sound.If i select ASIO,it shows my device as Focusrite and no other option.Direct Sound is a mess and Windows lets me choose my device as Windows Audio (Usb audio codec). Usb Audio Codec is what shows in my pc sound settings as my enabled device.My mics work fine but i get no sounds from the bias amp program,guitar sounds same no matter what amp i choose.Guitar is plugged into the mixer just like i do the mics.I am not trying to run any daw software.
    I tried downloading asio4all and then i can select asio in bias amp and then asio4all shows for my device but it faults out trying to load it,saying device failed to load.
    So questions,does bias amp only use asio?Does anyone else have any ideas what i could try. I am really interested in this product!