Bias FX 2 High CPU

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    Hopefully there are still some efficiency passes coming, but in the meantime, if you see really high, especially real time CPU use, try shortening the length control in the impulse loader.

    On my system, the IR loader will eat 14% RT CPU!

    Turn length to 50 % and at least on the 500msec celestion impulses, it just about nulls with 100% and eats drastically less CPU

    Length at 25% nulls to about -40dB with 100% and eats just 4% RTCPU

    In contrast, NADIR on full eats 1.6% RT CPU. Bias FX 2 could definitely use an efficiency pass on this still

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    After some testing, and a lot of crashing:

    There's is no significant CPU use difference between a 500msec impulse and a WAY WAY WAY shorter 512 sample impulse. At 100% length, it still eats just as much, something is weird here.

    Just turning the length knob led to a lot of crashes for me and midi switching scenes with length set to 50% crashed as well.

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    Please install the v2.1.1 and see if the issue is resolved,

    Thank you!