Bias FX 2 black screen

  • Hello everybody!

    I have a problem with Bias FX 2. When I load the VST into Reaper it loads, but then there's just a black screen. I use the standard version. But the desktop version works fine. This happened to me after I installed the new version of Bias FX 2.
    Does anyone has a solution for this?

    Thanks in advance!

  • Got my problem solved.

    There were two BIAS FX 2_x64.dll

    1. in (C:) - Program Files - VstPlugIns
      And the 2. in (C:) - Program Files - REAPER (x64) - Plugins - FX

    So I deleted the BIAS FX 2_x64.dll in (C:) - Program Files - REAPER (x64) - Plugins - FX
    and I have no longer the black screen with the cubes.

  • To complete your answer, if you have just one BIAS FX 2_x64.dll in [Program Files (x86)]>[VstPlugins], just move it to [Programs]>[REAPER (x64)]>[Plugins]>[FX].
    It works for me.