Bias Fx Control Midi Tap Delay

  • Hola queria consultarles como puedo controlar el tiempo del delay para cuando lo estoy controlando por un pedal midi , he buscado y no encuentro la opcion que me permita realizar esta accion.

  • I am having the same issue. In old forum posts, it sounded like the Tap Tempo function use to be supported in MIDI and that is how you controlled the delay times, but I don't see it in Bias FX2 (I have the Elite version).

    Really, it would be 100x better if Bias Fx could just listen for tempo information on MIDI so when I change the drum machine tempo, or open a song in my DAW, that it just automatically matches the tempo being sent out.

    Constantly having to fiddle with the tempo to get the correct echo time is really frustrating.

  • Bias FX 2 will tempo sync to your DAW (I use Live 10) so you can assign a MIDI controller to the DAW's master tempo. But as you know, Bias FX 2 has no Tap Tempo activatable via an assignable MIDI controller - not even in the standalone version. Conversely, the iOS version has tap tempo assignable by MIDI but can't seem to get MIDI clock from other apps. It's a really thoughtless error of design. I wish PG would fix them both. It has been reported.

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    @vaultnaemsae It will be implemented in the next update

  • @mike Thanks very much for the update. That is really great news -- assuming the update comes reasonably soon and applies to both platforms! :)

  • @Mike, I just got the update ( and I don't see anything in the MIDI controls for syncing tempo. Not in the stand alone app or from my DAW (Reaper).

    Maybe this release doesn't have the sync feature you mentioned?

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    @scottbres Yes, there will be another update soon!

  • @Mike just saw the beta updates for Bias FX 2 went up. Thanks, PG.

    Also noting that there have been at least two app updates for iOS Bias FX (since I reported the MIDI sync/clock issues but I'm sure others must have done the same earlier) - neither of which solved the issue. What should users expect in terms of a fix for this?

  • @mike Hi

    Was that promise accomplished at the last update? I’m having the same problem in load different presets with different beat tempos.