FX Loop with Bias FX

  • Hello,
    I am using my iPad Pro with the camera kit into a Omec Teleport for my interface. I then run the Teleport into the FX Loop on my Marshall DSL 20 Head. I basically just want to use the Bias FX (effects only, no amp) with the Marshall Head.

    When I turn the FX Loop on, it cuts out my amps settings and the only thing I hear is the effects without my amp channel sound. I hope I am explains that right?

    I want to be able to use the FX Loop and the amp at the same time. Is the only way to do this is by using the four cable method? And if that’s the case, what interface do you recommend....I’m assuming, one with a FX Loop?

    Does anyone else after the same setup as me and if so, what do you use?


  • @chris-kane would like to know the answer to this as well. Hooked up BIAS FX from iPad through Alesis IO Dock into the BIAS rack & it does exactly that. Not to mention the lag. Waiting to see what others say about this!

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    Looks like theres no series/parallel knob for the fx loop for that amp. In that case, personally, I would make a dual amp path, turn off the amps, pan the mixer ins to center, have my fx on one path and the dry on the other and use the mixer to vary wet vs dry signal

  • When I plug in any stomp or even my HX Effects into the FX Loop those effects work perfectly fine without bypassing my amp channels.

    But when I plug in my Omec Teleport Interface that my Bias FX is connected to into the FX Loop of my Marshall Head and then turn on the Omec, it instantly bypasses the amp and all you here is the FX Loop and not an amp channel...It must have something to do with the interface?

    This is the Interface


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    I think that has to do with where they stuck the FX loop in the signal chain.

    Can you name the amp and describe your chain a bit better?

  • I messed around with the Global Settings in Bias FX and it just started to work...Not sure what specific changes made it work but it seems good now, other than putting a drive pedal in the chain in Bias FX sounds horrible....The Harmony pedal seems very limited as well...Are there more effect pedals available or third party pedals? I have downloaded everything in there but I still want more choices.

    By the way, as mentioned in my original post (above)1_1558993495717_9188F058-DA07-459D-8B90-F2B5AA5938DA.jpeg 0_1558993495696_A00AE908-2FDC-4128-A606-7515D24FC761.jpeg , I am using a Marshall DSL20HR INTO A Marshall Studio Classic 1X12 Cab.

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    Putting a drive pedal in the FX loop would mean putting it after the preamp. I expect it to sound horrible. it BETTER sound horrible when you do that or Bias FX is beyond broken

  • Drive pedals belong in front of the pre-amp in order to “drive” and shape the tone going in.