XDrummer as a virtual instrument in Cubasis/Auria

  • Hi, first, thank you for this great app!
    As it is possible to export the MIDI data and import them into Cubasis:is there a possibilty to use XDrummer as a virtual instrument in Cubasis? Via Audio unit or InterAppAudio?

  • Yes, this would be great, I use Cubasis predominantly and this is how I would like to incorporate X-drummer as well...

  • Hey guys, I presume that you're looking to export X Drummer's drum patterns/grooves into Cubasis as a MIDI file to further tweak them? If so then that feature is indeed available.

    To do that, just tap the Project menu button in top left corner and find the project in the list and tap the Export button. From the Export drop-down list, tap Drum Track as MIDI, assign a name, then select Cubasis from the menu to import the drum track as a MIDI into Cubasis. You'll now be switched over to Cubasis, at the bottom half of the screen go to MIDI and find the MIDI file from the list, then double tap it to send it to Cubasis' timeline to edit.

    I hope that helps : )

  • Even better would be to have X Drummer available as an AU so you can work with it right within the DAW.

  • Hi ben.lee. Yes I know that one can export MIDI and import the data into Cubasis.
    But when I’m running Cubasis I can‘t listen to Xdrummer anymore. That‘s why I would like to see an AU-Version of XDrummer :-)