Bias FX Mobile vs. Bias FX 2 Desktop

  • I've been debating back and forth about which way to use Bias FX for live use. I'd like to use an iOS device as I think it'll be less clunky than using a laptop, but I'm not sure if I want to make the purchase yet as I've heard rumors that it will be updating to FX 2 soon. Can anyone compare the current iOS version with FX 2 desktop? Do they sound similar enough?

  • @ryanmaurer1 Bias FX2 for ipad, i suppose will be available middle of summer.

    I am using bias fx for ipad. I am not doing live and i don't have any experience, to tell how it sounds etc. But, i am using it with some other guys to jam together in a studio. Till now, it is ok. I connect the sound card (ipad) to the monitors. It needs some fine tuning to the settings, but sounds ok.
    I have also bias fx pro version for PC. Connect it to the same hardware, amplifier etc, it sounds better to me than the iPad.
    Still, i haven't decide yet, which one i am going to use as my permanent setup.
    But, every recording i do, i do it with the ipad version.

    I would like to hear others opinion about this.

  • I have Bias FX (PC), Bias FX2 (PC), as well as Bias FX for iOS. And I've used both Bias FX (PC) and the iOS version in live situations. (I'm waiting to use Bias FX2 in live situations until they work some of the bugs out and increase the stability.) Although there are some slight tonal differences between the 2 platforms, I attribute most of that to the different interfaces that I use. I currently use the PC version (along with AmpliTube) for live use... But frequently use the iOS version for practice and rehearsal. This is only because i run a more complication MIDI rig, and the PC platform is better at that, as well as being able to run both guitar systems on the same rig.

    If I was just running Bias FX, I could easily do it with just my iPad. The sounds are good, and are essentially clones of PC/Mac versions.

    With both platforms, I recommend running a "helper" program to allow for increased MIDI functionality... With iOS, I recommend "MidiFire"... On PC, I use Gig Performer as a VST host.

  • After using Bias FX2 for bit, I can tell you now that the tones of Bias FX2 (PC) and Bias FX for iOS are really only unilaterally compatible... That is, you can easily transfer sounds and settings from Bias FX iOS to Bias FX2... But transferring sounds from sounds from Bias FX2 to Bias FX iOS is much more limiting. Some of this has to do with the extra features that Bias FX2 has... As well as special updated amps and effects that are only available on Bias FX2. Plus, cabinet, speaker, and mic placement are now all integrated into Bias FX2 rather than being relegated to Bias Amp. However, if you’re using only the original amps and effects from Bias FX, and you also have Bias Amp on your iOS device, there’s no reason you couldn’t manually copy sounds from Bias FX2 back into Bias FX iOS.

    Hopefully though, this will soon be a moot point, as PG has stated their intention to release Bias FX2 for iOS.