gotta keep em separated

  • I have not tried the tone match feature yet with the guitar/pickup matching but since this is your suggestion thread or be it questioning I wanted to ask PG if you had considered a different implementation of this idea or what?

    I think it is a great idea - seen one just like it - and like our pedal app (that needs a new addition like filter or ?) we already have I'd have been interested in this Tone Match as a separate app for a few reasons.

    1. Less headache all the way working on a focused implementation of BFX2

    I think this would have made for a midi ready patch switchable stable BFX2 release since all time could have been used to achieve that goal that was spent on a really big idea - I also suspect the future of 2 apps would be less troublesome to each other the keeping it as one (not that you can't do it the way it is just know that +bloat = pain)

    1. I think it would be cool to have an export feature that lets you export any combination of "match" and use it inside BFX2 like it is a "pedal" with cool little icons to represent the hardware it matches.

    I'm thinking export - PU / GTR / GTR+PU - export a pickup match, export a guitar match with it's own PU's, export a guitar match with different PU match (say Les Paul with single coil) whatever - in BFX2 I would get 2 new categories to add from (guitar or pickups) and I'm guessing there would be a specific spot in our signal chain where these sit (before all FX and amps)

    1. it would give us the chance to really explore the idea on it's own as well (just like the pedal app but better)

    I feel on the recording side (audio tracks and making your own matches of hardware) no matter how TM for guitars and pickups is implemented TM is a tool that would see a lot of use on playback listening to the subtle changes on a dry guitar track where it would be more focused at task as you dial in a desired setup before the world of FX amps and speaker sim/IR that we already are familiar with in a great app that has focused on that task (afterwards that exported TM setup you like would be very cool as an insert in BFX2 for further exploration)

    1. it's too late now....

    not really I've seen much more drastic revamps of newly released work before

    5 People that already paid for BFX2 with TM would cry if it was removed and they had to get another app

    not really, not if they got the same level license of the possible separate tone match app that could exist as a 3 tier standard/pro/elite TM would be good for you there too.. then new customers would have to give you more .. change i$ good

    Either way thank you for the hard work I totally dig the different sound I get between all your releases making them feel much more like individual tools or instruments that are fun to keep using together because of the differences. Simultaneously running BFX1 and BFX2 standalone for instance and A/B ing them is fun to feel the differences but then to play through both at the same time yields a whole other path of sonic fun - and on that note I hope we can expect some minor updates to BFX1 before you kill it off and if not at least a minor update to the pedal app would be keen like say filter a total fun customizing category that could include this new auto-wah pedal that should run fine inside BFX1 ~