Bias FX 2 MIDI - Direct Program Change commands?

  • So looking at the Bias FX 2 MIDI implementation, can it seriously NOT do Program Change commands?

    I see a CC assign for Preset UP/DOWN and Bank change but I do not see a way to say this Patch/Preset is selected with MIDI Program Change message XX. This strikes me as such an obvious basic function that I am a bit stunned if it was omitted.

    So someone correct me if I'm wrong, I may have just missed something...

    Hey PG crew can you give this a look? @Felix @Mike @Joe-Kuo

    If it really is gone, I would guess the bank now being sortable and it not retaining any kind of ordering would be the likely cause for this being axed but a lot of times a user does not want to step through presets, especially given that they cannot control the ordering. I find this pretty bad, TBH.

  • I think know what you are asking - this only relates to using Bias as a plugin inside of a daw where it is a little harder to communicate the PC commands we set up in standalone mode (standalone mode for Bias the PC commands are auto received just not assigned to any presets until you "edit" the preset from the actual preset menu list) In a daw if you just load Bias as an "Audio FX" unit you won't have automatic full midi control and have to start mapping automation to your controller again - and that's where you can not assign a single preset to a CC command as you are stating.

    It still handles PC commands the same as before - You "Edit" the preset off the preset list to get a menu where you can set what MIDI PC number calls up that preset 0-127 - you set the PC command number on your foot-switch to call up those presets. Then you load a midi controlled version of bias that can receive PC commands (as well as all other midi data that you set up in Standalone mode) In Logic you need to load it on an instrument track in the "instrument slot" not the "audio fx" slot below that (not the midi fx slot above it either)

    Different ways in different daw's to get full midi control so you don't have to remap to the daw and can just use it like you can in standalone mode.

    What DAW are you using it in? - cheers

  • Thanks for the help, maybe I am misunderstanding how it is implemented. I will look at it in standalone mode based on the above to see if I follow that first. I had not done any actual setup like this in FX1 so I may be completely clueless here.

  • @tafkad Click on your presets in the top left corner of your screen... after selecting your bank, click the “edit” button of the patch you want to set a program change number for. Enter the program change number in the MDI PC area.

  • @guitarkite this is what I said already

    @tafkad "You "Edit" the preset off the preset list"

  • @elric you bet - once you have it fully working standalone (preset switching and fx control) then you can see what it takes to get it to perform the same way after you load it in a DAW - that part is trickier

    now if we could just get a quick build that fixes the "edited presets can't change prompt" then we could get to some serious testing...