Mixbus + BFX2 = easy

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    Here is 3 different ways I was able to instantly get full midi control of BFX2 the way I like in a DAW called Mixbus I sometimes use instead of Logic.

    #1 Direct USB Midi connect
    0_1557868203895_Mixbus BiasFX2 midi + audio.png
    #2 Bluetooth Midi connect
    0_1557868230884_Mixbus Bias 02.png
    #3 Bluetooth Midi into a Midi bus out to Bias on an audio track (for fun)
    0_1557868276325_Mixbus 03.png

    This app really connects quick and easy once you get to know your way around it (a lot like the routing in RME and Creamware)

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    Awesome! Thanks for sharing!