Can't get Harley Benton MP-500 to work with Bias FX 2.

  • Hello everyone.

    Total MiDI Noob here.

    In anticipation of the bias FX2 MIDI release i bought my first MIDI Pedal.
    I bought the Harley Benton MP-500 because is has a BIAS FX preset.

    I just cant seem to get it to work, . Theres seems to be no signal going to bias. Bias also doesnt show an midi options at the Audio setting. where the tutorial on the PG website does show Active midi inputs.

    Current Setup:

    -Windows 10, using the standalone version of bias fx 2

    Guitar goes into a focusrite Scarlet 2i2
    Mp500 is connected whith USB into pc.

    If anyone can help me i would greatly appriciate it

  • That product is rebadged MeloAudio Toneshifter Mega. I have the TS Mega and can attest that it works well with Bias on my iPad and Mac.

    I am not as familiar with the PC setup, but you will likely have to select the MP500 as your MIDI input source in Bias FX 2 in the settings. On my machine the Audio prefernces setup allows you to select the MIDI source. If the MP500 is not enabled as a MIDI input for Bias FX it will ignore signals from it.

    I am not sure if the windows control panel has a MIDI device setup but you may want to make sure the 500 is recognized as a MIDI USB device if the MP500 does not appear in your MIDI inputs. You might need some kind of driver because, Windows.

    If all of the above is okay make sure the MIDI channels on Bias and the MP500 match.

  • @elric

    Would you happen to know which Drivers would be needed?

  • A2

    Run some software that will allow you a MIDI monitor so you can see what messages are coming up when you press the buttons.

    Does this one have MIDI over USB?

  • @pipelineaudio

    I am 90% sure the drivers are the problem but i cant seem to get the right one's installed.
    Do you hany any clue what drivers i'd need / were to instal them.

  • A2

    No idea. Early one with Melo I had a LOT of problem contacting them in any way about info on their products, but I wouldn't be surprised if the USB side worked right out of the box with no drivers.

    Do you have a midi monitoring program on your computer to check what exact messages are being sent? I know some DAWs have them built in for diagnosis purposes, and there used to be stand alone programs for this as well

  • @stefvdakker112 I am on a Mac so no drivers are needed.

    I downloaded the MP500 manual as a reference for my TS Mega. So it is nice to have a proper translation of the manual.

  • For anyone who can make use of it, here is the link to the Windows Driver: