Attention Felix/Positive Grid - Unregister Bias Amp Head

  • I have sent Positive Grid my support ticket about selling my Bias Amp Head and needing to unregister at the end of last week. I know you probably don’t work on the weekend but I’m a little shocked that this problem is taking some time to get adjusted or a response. My buyer is anxious to get his license in his name.

    If it takes a couple more days to make this change I would at least like to have a courtesy email which explains the hold up/delay...


  • Moderator

    @chris-kane Hey Chris, apologies for the delayed response.
    We've deactivated the amp for you, plz give it a try.

  • Hi Felix
    Can you please register my amp with the new owner
    My email is, please transfer to

    Many thanks.

  • I'm in the same boat. Buyer is getting anxious and the software uninstall popped up a message saying that the licence hasn't been deregistered.

    Could you please action and reply to support ticket #202970

    Thank you in advance