Bias FX 2 Guitar Match with P90's

  • When setting up my guitar that has P90's for tone match. What type of pickups should I select? humbuckers, or single coil?

    I tried single coil but when profiling my pickups on the different frets I keep getting the message that profiling failed.

    Thank You

  • In terms of the audio processing that needs to be applied to them, they're probably tonally closer to a single coil pickup than a humbucker, but you could always try both options and see what sounds best.

    That error message is sort of a bug. When it's having you play the strings up the frets, any time it gets a little audio signal without it being the notes it asks you to pick, it will say 'failed.' All it really means, though, is that it's waiting on you to pick the notes and it hasn't yet heard the tones it's expecting to hear.

    If you pick the notes it asks for and then it tells you to go up to the next fret, then that means it was successful on the previous.