Help with FCB1010 And BIAS FX2

  • Hey guys, Im very new to this MIDI stuff. I just got an FCB1010 as a Birthday gift, and i purchased the BIAS FX 2, Im having a real hard time figuring how to use the FCB and the bias fx2. can anybody help me or explain to me how to set them up and how to use it properly? thanks in advance!

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  • ok. thanks

  • Hi there. I just found a way to basically use my stock fcb1010 w/ bias fx. No Uno chip installed.

    Without any configuration, you can already use the fcb1010 to change a preset with pedals 1 to 5.
    All you have to do is going to the preset selection in Bias Fx 2 and clic on "edit" on the right of the preset and assign a midi program, 0 to 4 for the "00" bank on the fcb1010, 10 to 14 for the "01" bank on the fcb1010 etc..

    Now, you have to program the pedalboard if, inside a preset, you want to toggle a pedal on/off in the virtual pedalboard. Here's a way to do this. With this method, you can use the top pedals (6 to 10) to achieve this.

    • First I bought a midi to usb interface. This one : but I guess others would be ok.

    • I downloaded FCB1010 Manager on my imac. You can also use others of the same type if you have a PC, I let you google it.

    • So, plug the fcb1010 with the cable, run the software.

    • In FCB1010 Manager, go to options and select your interface (USB Midi Interface for me) which connects the computer with the pedalboard.

    • Clic on the red icon "receive the data from the FCB1010"

    • When it's done, select View and then Presets

    • Edit the pedal 6 / bank 00 (first row, cell in grey 0:6) this way :
      CNT1 on, with value "1" for "Controller" and "27" for "Value 1"
      CNT2 off
      Don't change other values

    • Edit the pedal 7 / bank 00 (first row, cell in grey 0:7) this way :
      CNT1 on, with value "2" for "Controller" and "27" for "Value 1"
      CNT2 off
      Don't change other values.

    etc.. till pedal 10.
    And do the same for Bank 1 (1:6 to 1:10) etc..

    • Save your SysEx by selecting FCB1010 manager / setup / save as

    • Put the pedalboard in a mode so that it can receive the SysEx modified (power it on while pressing DOWN pedal, press DOWN pedal one time again to go in Config Mode, deselect all pedals, if needed, except number 7 that has to be on (-SYSEX RCV-)).

    • In FCB1010 Manager, clic on the green icon "Send the data to the FCB1010".

    • In bias fx 2, in the main screen of your preset, right-click on a pedal to assign a control (Right Click/Assignement), select Learn next to the control (Toggle on/off) and press the pedal of your choice (from 6 to 10).

    Finally so you can select a preset with pedals 1 to 5 and select a control in this preset with pedals 6 to 10.
    That's just a starting point, but I hope this will help you.

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