Bias FX2 + reaper + Jamstix drum VSTi + FCB1010

  • So I feel like maybe I'm on the verge of something super awesome here, but I'm missing something.
    I've got BiasFX2 loaded up in reaper, with a MIDI receive configured. This works great, especially cool since I managed to get the pedal toggles mapped to footswitch commands on my foot controller.
    I've got a drum VSTi also loaded up in Reaper. This also works great.
    I've got my reaper transport commands mapped also to footswitch commands. This is super damned awesome.

    At this point, I have a drum machine rig that sounds GREAT, I can start/stop/pause at will, toggle effects at will. I even got fancy and decided to map a volume pedal to the expression pedal on the FCB1010. Basically I have the tracks armed to record with monitoring on, but I never hit record. I'm in hog heaven.


    In a flash of brilliance I decided to map the looper controls in BFX2 to midi switches. Immediately I found a couple of issues:

    1 - it seems like the looper is disabled unless I have it visible on the screen. I don't like this - if I have it mapped to midi commands I don't need it visible

    2 - the clock seems to get out of whack with reaper. I don't know if this is maybe caused by some latency(I don't perceive any when I'm playing) or some other problem...but after about a measure it gets out of time with the reaper VSTi substantially. In other words, I record my loop in time with the drums(but in free mode) and after it plays back about two measures it's way out of whack.

    So for now, I can't really use the looper this way. If I'm doing something wrong, please let me know...otherwise I think it's an enhancement request on the UI, and posooooossibly a bug on looper clock?

    FWIW, when I play with the looper in standalone mode, it does not get out of sync.