Bias Fx 2 Automation Issue

  • Hello,

    I just got Bias FX 2 and it's working great. But i have problem with automation.

    I'm trying to set my rig now for stage. Want to use pedal toggle on/off automation.

    I used 6 pedals and 2 amps and automated them perfectly. Pedal automations for toggle and amp automations for level. Everything worked as expected. Then i closed my DAW and re-opened again and i saw that Bias does not remember my any toggle automation. No problem with level knob automations of amps but it forgetting my all toggle automation. My DAWs are Ableton and ALK2. I tried same setup with Reaper and Cubase. Still same, it's forgetting my all toggle automations. For example, i'm setting automation to PARAMETER 0, but after closing and opening DAW, parameter assignment is empty. So, i have to assign toggle automations every time. And it's not good for stage.

    So, anyone has same issue like this?

    Before opening topic, i searched on Google but no luck. Checked PG forum but no luck, again... Then send ticket to PG but no response,yet.

    It's really important for me. So, i decided to open topic on KVR.

    I hope someone help me quickly cause i'm going crazy... I have 4 days for my stage but can't handle how to do that...


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  • Moderator

    @vonvon We're looking into this now, will keep you posted via the ticket, thank you

  • @mike Hi,

    Got your reply via ticket and replied back. Hope you will fix it quickly.