Preset Migration Bias FX2

  • A2

    Has anyone been able to get this to work? I Get "Migration progress stopped for unexpected reason"

  • Same issue for me, not really sure what it is. I tried logging out and back into tonecloud to see if that might be the issue but it didn't help.

    Hopefully this is fixed or a solution is found. :/

  • @pipelineaudio I just tried it and migrated only 2 of my old preset banks and it did it instantly - did not try to do all the other banks with 100's of presets so maybe a few at a time can get it unless there is some hidden incompatibility acting up with some.

    OSX 10.14.2

    BTW - this is where I would have liked to have seen some attention to MIDI by having my Toggle Assignments transfer with the preset (could share with someone using same pedal) It feels like midi is an "added" separate entity here that is not fully connected in all the ways it should. Like pedal assignments that don't get saved and transferred in migration.

  • @tafkad worked for me. I got a message that there were presets to old to migrate. That accounted for 2 out of the 32 presets.

  • I have this problem as well. Over 100 custom fx profiles in FX 1 and not 1 will migrate into FX 2. I am on the latest build ( x64 bit windows).
    What gives?!