Bias FX for iPad auto engage wah pedal

  • Hello, after a lot of investigation, i am able to use the wah pedal with auto engage on ipad.
    I am using a 3rd party software (midifire) and it is available for Mac OS, also. So, this might be useful for anyone using Mac or Ios.
    Here is video i created
    Bias FX for iPad auto engage wah pedal

  • Hi,
    That's a very helpful tool - thanks for sharing.
    I copied the script into a Stream Byter device in MIDIFire and it installs correctly.
    Could you explain the script a little to help with customizing it to different setups?

  • Hello.
    The script code provided by the midifire developers.
    In general as i understand it triggers the expression pedal and sends a specific CC code to switch on the wah, if it gets higher. I set that value to 5, but this can be different for someone else.
    I believe a lower value will be very sensitive, this needs to be set by everyone individually depending on their expression pedal.

    here is the link from the forum i discussed about this if you want to get more info
    Midifire forum biasfx

  • Also, i added a channel strip, because in the first place the wah was working but i couldn't enable/disable the rest assigned pedals.

  • Thanks,

    In the meantime I found that forum and your original post.
    I created a triple Stream Byter device in MidiFire that enables 'auto engage' type messages for all three continuous controller pedals in my rig. It originally didn't work because I tried to enter decimal instead of hex values - doh! But all working perfectly now - at least on iOS. I haven't purchased the macOS version yet but probably will sooner or later. Nic from Audeonic was super helpful.

    BTW, I didn't need the channel strip in my setup - it works fine without it.

    Thanks again for pointing out the direction for this useful hack.

  • Nice, i am glad that this solution helped you.
    I needed the channel strip because the other pedals couldn't react to CC messages. So, in this way i changed the midi channel to different one on biasfx, as my pedalboard is et on channel 1. And the issue was that, because both were listening on ch1.
    Are you using different channel on your devices?

    I was also enter decimal values and later on i found out it is using hex.
    Can you share the triple configuration and how you use it.


  • Sure, I'll make an explanation video and upload it to YouTube in the next couple of days.

  • Such a useful hack! One little add-on and you suddenly made Bias FX 1000% more usable! Kudos!! Now all I need is to make a script in Midifire to put minimum and maximum limits on my volume pedal! If anyone is fluent in Midifire's scripting code... There's a need for a midi "compression" script.

  • @guitarkite I believe you can get more help on midifire forum for the compression script. Ask there, they are very helpful.

  • Got it running great! As a bonus, I was able to take the MIDI out from my iPad and can control my PC version just as well!

  • @guitarkite Great, i read your other post here, also.
    Can you explain in more detail on you are using your blueboard with ipad to control Bias on pc? if i understand correctly.

  • @esofron Sorry for the delay in answering...

    So, if you have an ipad, iphone, or new ipod with an interface that has a MIDI out on it...

    Load up the app called MidiFire by Audionic as well as the IK Multimedia Blue Board app.

    Go to the Audionic website and look up the script that's specific to "MIDI Auto-Engage on Bias FX". It takes a little looking, but you should be able to find it... Copy it.

    Make sure you have the Blue Board app on and running...

    Go into MidiFire... Add Blue Board as your MIDI input. Add a module called Stream Byter... And finally, add your interface's MIDI out. Connect all 3 together in a chain... Blue Board > Stream Byter > MIDI out.

    In Stream Byter, add the copied script, then tap "Run Script". (Be aware that you may have to change the script to match what cc#'s you will be using.) (Also, be aware that Stream Byter uses hexadecimal raw MIDI to denote MIDI channel, and cc#'s... You can use the MIDI monitor in MidiFire to find the equivalent hexadecimal value of your specific MIDI channel and cc#.)

    Run the MIDI out of your iOS devices interface into the MIDI in of your computer's interface.

    In Bias FX on your computer, set the appropriate MIDI cc# for both the wah control as well as the on/off toggle for the wah. On mine, I use cc#1 for the wah control and cc#10 for the toggle.

    If you're unfamiliar with where to do these... The toggle control is in the master MIDI menu (Add the Crybaby Wah as a permanently set toggle.) ... While the wah control is accessed by pressing on the virtual wah pedal on the screen.

    If you wish to use this Auto-Engage script on the iOS version of Bias FX, simply add Bias FX in MidiFire, and route the Stream Byter's output to it instead of the MIDI out.

    Hope this helps.

  • So, the main difference here is that you change the output from biasfx(ipad) to a midi device that is connected to the computer, correct?

  • @esofron Correct. Although Blue Boards won't work natively with PC's, once it's been connected to an iOS device, you're free to manipulate or send that MIDI info wherever you'd like.

  • And also... I accidentally misspelled "Audeonic"