IR Loader audio engine crashes in BIAS FX 2 v2.1.0.4530

  • Anyone else having this issue? Since updating to the newest version of FX2, if I load up an unmodified factory preset and change the cab to the IR loader, when I try to load an IR file it creates a noise spike and the audio engine crashes. All output audio is gone until I close and re-start FX2. This happens both as a plugin and in standalone modes.

    I'm using a NI Rig Kontrol 2 as the interface, and I've replicated this behavior with the stock driver as well as ASIO4All.

    If I re-start FX2 after a crash like this, it comes back up with the modified preset, and then the loaded IR file works. But if you change to another unmodified preset, and then try to change the cab to the IR loader, you get the same crash when you try to load the IR file 90% of the time. So it appears that the crash happens when creating a new instance of the IR loader in a signal chain where it didn't already exist. If the program loads with the IR already present, it seems to work.

    I already submitted a ticket but wanted to see if others can replicate the issue.

  • The same here!

  • Update to this--it appears to maybe be related to the Process Buffer size in the ASIO driver. If I crank it all the way to 1024 samples, I can't make this crash happen anymore. But any value less than 1024 for the Process Buffer, and I get the same noise spike and crash.

    Prior to this latest FX2 update I didn't have this issue, and I can stream audio realtime with the Process Buffer set to 128 samples without any problem normally. It's just when loading IRs that it chokes.