Need help with initial setup questions

  • I am simply looking for the simplest way to record using Bias Amp/FX into Auria on an iPad Mini 4. I recently switched over from PC and a Line 6 UX1 interface, because of the larger amount of options available for tweaking amps withing Bias.

    I am currently recording drum tracks using EZ Drummer2 on my PC, then exporting them as a WAV via Dropbox to the my iPad, where I can import them into Auria, and I just need to find out what the best way to record the guitars would be.

    What interface would everyone recommend, and will Auria automatically detect Bias Amp once the interface is active?

    Thanks, and forgive my lack of knowledge, but the line 6 interface was pretty much plug and play into Audacity. I hope I didn't make a mistake switching over.

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    Take it with a grain of salt, the author is a cranky curmudgeon.

  • That’s okay I am a curmudgeon too. That’s a pretty definitive review of interfaces and I made a mistake already today by getting a focusrite itrack solo which I will return tomorrow and most likely just get an iRig HD.

    I am hoping that once I do that and run bias amp, that Auria will somehow detect the signal and allow me to record the processed guitar signal. Does anyone else currently use that setup, or what is your preferred method of recording using your iPad? Thanks.

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    Wait, what’s wrong with the iTrack solo? It should at least definitely work! I have some issues with it for certain applications but it should definitely 100% for sure work. Let’s figure that out before you go throwing money around!

  • It’s possible mine was defective. When I plug it up, the rings around the gain knobs that should light up green or red don’t function and I get no sound through it when I have it connected to the lightning port. The power acts like it cuts in and out as well. I tried running it through both bias and through garageband’s amp programs with no luck. I even tried connecting it to my PC via USB and downloading the drivers but nothing happens. I did notice on the box it didn’t have iPad mini 4 listed as a compatible device but not until after I already got home.

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    Ahh, that does sound defective! It certainly should work when plugged to the PC.

  • Yeah I had nothing. Oh well. I guess I will see what happens with a different interface tomorrow night. Thanks for your replies though.

  • I use an iRig HD with BIAS FX and Auria Pro on my iPad. If you get an iRig HD and run into problems, feel free to hit me up with questions.

  • Cool, I appreciate it. That is actually the interface I am going to try to pick up tonight.